John Barkett on The Real Estate Sessions Podcast

September 2, 2020
Headshot of John Barkett

John Barkett, our owner and head broker, recently sat down with Bill Risser of the Real Estate Sessions podcast to talk about his background in real estate, his expertise in brokerage and appraisal, and his unique perspective on the current market. 

As an expert on both the analytical side of appraisal and the fast-paced sales side of  brokerage, John has a unique perspective on how to survive in a tough market. His main insight, for both agents and appraisers, is to appreciate the insight and experience each side has to offer. He strongly suggests that agents, in particular, should take some basic education courses to learn about appraisal practices and methods, and develop a relationship with an appraiser to understand what they do, and, in turn, better serve their clients. 

When building Barkett into what it is today, John’s biggest focus was being part of the community. Both appraisers and agents who are part of their community and have a personal understanding of both the geography and culture of their location can better serve their clients and become “part of the solution.” This applies to both commercial and residential real estate.

One of his biggest pieces of advice to real estate agents is this, “If you’re not a part of the process, you’re never going to get there. Knowledge is power. Knowing what’s happening when and where is going to make you a better agent and finding the right location for your buyer and to market your sellers’ homes more productively. It’s something to live by.”

We invite you to listen to the full episode and hear John’s candid conversation with Bill Risser on The Real Estate Sessions website! Let us know what you think, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have more questions for John and the Barkett team.

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