The Shine’s on Barkett Realty

July 14, 2020
Sign that says "Barkett Realty" with sunset in the background

John Barkett, MAI, started the appraisal division of Barkett Realty in 2000 in Downtown St. Petersburg located in the Green Richmond building next to the State Theater. The full-service boutique brokerage was later formed in early 2014.  After 9 years in New York City and 2 years in San Francisco, Barkett decided to start a family in St. Petersburg, Florida near his parents who had relocated here 25 years ago from Massachusetts.

John Barkett with his father at Barkett Realty.

Barkett Realty built its foundation in portfolio valuation while assisting clients with redevelopment, bringing a high level of expertise and service. “We evolved our valuation and analytical expertise into Barkett Realty, by listening to our clients’ needs and taking action in creating a full suite of services from commercial and residential sale and acquisition, property management, leasing, construction management, valuation and more” said Barkett.

16 employees including staff, agents, and Bella Barkett (Barkett’s dog), work to assist clients with the entire real estate process from identification/acquisition, design, construction management, leasing, property management and sales.

“We are not just brokers/salespeople, but we are also investors and developers with deep ties and a love for our community.  We are assisting in building districts and neighborhoods in St. Petersburg like the Edge District and MLK Business District as well as Historic Uptown.  By appraising commercial and residential real estate throughout the county and beyond for the past 18 years, we have an accurate finger on the pulse of the market and can assist clients not only with acquisition, but with financing as we understand what lenders products best fit our respective clients’ needs for any given deal,” explained Barkett.

Another aspect that highlights Barkett Realty’s organization is their dog-friendly office. “My own dog, Bella, frequents the office and is a part of the staff. Several employees bring their dogs to work as well.  We’re a highly polished, professional office but having the energy of pets is always a plus and our clients and visitors love it,” said Barkett.

Barkett Realty’s community ties can be noted through several affiliations including being a member of the MLK Business District, a voting member for the St. Pete Chamber’s Public Policy Committee and the Housing, Land Use, and Development Task Force. They are also active in the popular arts of St. Petersburg through the donation of buildings to SHINE for the each of the past 4 years since the festival’s debut.

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